Day 49

Saturday, December 3, 2016
Djerassi Resident Artist Program
Woodside, California

The Last 100 Days of the Presidency of Barack Obama

Nine burned to death and many more unaccounted; Oakland party warehouse fire. Horrific ending for so many so young, and the horrific realization of their fate by those who were witness, their friends, loved ones and now we "the public"  saturated with the news. It is one more devastation to absorb after Trump's election. When I first read the headline, I immediately thought many must have been drawn to the warehouse to dance, holler and shake their bodies to the max to break free from the hex, the fix and aftermath of the Election. The situation is true of many of us, but how is anybody in their twenties going to face possibly eight years of a new life threatening regime. Dance, so at least you don't gag. But then this devastation. I am beyond more words. It's as If this man Trump intends  to  turn the globe into one huge flaming warehouse. I go out  to a grassy meadow and draw my heart out.