Day 100 - The Last 100 Days of the Presidency of Barack Obama


October 13, 2016, San Francisco, CA

The Trump campaign splinters amidst charges of predatory sexual abuse. The polls are shown to be deeply now in favor of Hilary Clinton. Michelle Obama makes a good and very heart felts speech against the example of Trump’s abuse of women. The Russians release computer files from Hilary’s campaign – one analysis is that the Russian’s want Trump because they can control him because he knows nothing, It is clear that Putin hates Hilary. Obama has not been in the News today. “Surrogate” is a popular word in the media for someone speaking for the point of view of one of the candidates. Michele Obama for Hilary. Some folks on the left openly worry an armed White Nationalist revolt when Hilary actually wins. I will be in Georgia on Election Day, November 8. What will I see?  I already imagine that I sound as if I will be writing from a foreign country.